Make a Part and Then Hide It

Where do you part your hair? Usually, it's in the middle, but for some women, they like it to the side. Regardless, seeing the actual part isn't always a good look, which is why a lot of women go to great lengths to hide it.

Here are a couple of tips to keep in mind when making a part and how to hide it.

For Those Who Have Fine, Flat Hair

Clipping is always the easiest thing to do. Unfortunately, it looks boring. So, what you can do is to draw a deep side part to help lift the roots of your hair. You can start somewhere near the center and comb it back diagonally to the back towards the crown. This creates the illusion of having lush hair on one side, while still making it appear even.

For Those Who Have Thick, Straight Hair

Thick, straight hair is something that most women would die for. While it's the envy of most, you probably know how poufy your hair can get every now and then. Luckily, there's a trick to taming the sheer volume of your hair and that is by flattering the center parts. Don't get too close to the center, though. Instead, position the part roughly half an inch off so as not to reveal the full asymmetry of your face.

For Those Who Have Hairline Cowlick

Since it's not going anywhere anytime soon, you might as well make the most of your cowlick by parting your hair the way it's going. This helps hide the part by making it blend in.

For Those Who Have Bangs

If you have blunt bangs, you can part your hair at the crown right in the center and comb down your bangs. If you have bangs that sweep, just part wherever your fringe splits, preferably right above the highest point on your eyebrow arch so it complements the shape of your face.