Faux bangs create a brand new look for an old haircut

Since we saw Gigi Hadid sport bangs so spectacularly at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards, everyone wanted bangs. Bangs are a huge commitment since you have to keep them until hair grows back. There is no turning back anytime soon.  But Hadid had us all fooled. 

It turned out that she was wearing faux bangs. Gigi Hadid's bangs back then were styled by hair pro, Bryce Scarlett. The technique that he used is called a point cut.  In this technique, instead of chopping the hair straight across, which is so brutally blunt, the scissors were held at a vertical angle to soften the face's frame line.  This clipping method has the effect of amplifying the bang's texture. 

With the scissors, Scarlett also sheared some pieces around the model's face to make more emphasis on the shaggy look.  To make the tousled hairdo look perfect, a dime-sized amount of Uberliss RituOil was used. 

How To

Although you might not have the expertise of celebrity hair-stylist Bryce Scarlett, you can also fancy some faux bangs yourself. There are actually several ways to do it.  Probably some look more fake than others but it will all depend on how you want to look.  It is all about the style you want to portray and when.  

Bangs are pretty useful when you feel like you have too much forehead going on. But you still do not want to commit to bluntly cutting your hair.  These are three ways in which you can fake those bangs. 

  • With a beanie.  This method basically consists of pulling some of your long straight hair to the front and make it sit somehow on the front of your face to make it look like bangs.  Use the beanie to conceal the mess on the top of your hair. 
  • Using a bun.  Place that bun on the top of your hair and let some of that hair fall to the front of your face. You can use some hairspray to keep it in place. 
  • With bobby pins you can simply bring some of your long hair, fold it on your forehead, and pin it in place.