Copy Kristen Stewart’s punk haircut

Kristen Stewart is always surprising us with her ever-changing hairstyles. Throughout the years we have seen her every change and noticed it because one is always so distinct from the one before. We all remember that sweet girl with a center-parted bob and blond hair for the premiere of Panic Room back in 2002. Since then, we have seen at least 4 different hairstyles per year. 

The most recent hairstyle of Stewart seems more like a consequence of a very short style a year ago. One year later, she still sports that short hair but now with a mullet style and golden highlights, as she was seen on the Chanel pre-Oscars dinner. 

Now, sporting that hairstyle is actually a bit punk. Fortunately for you, if this is your first time trying a punk style, Kristen made it look easy. She did not follow Rihanna’s style of shaving one portion of her head, which is in fact, pretty punk. The next thing we notice in Stewart's style is the characteristic and unusual loud colors, such as blue, green, or pink. 

So you can keep the razor and the dye away.  Now, you will need to work on those golden highlights but that should not be difficult to achieve.  The mullet is one hairstyle that gets a lot of hate. But this is Kristen Stewart and if there is someone daring enough to carry that style, it's definitively her. 

At this point, you realize that you have a punk style that is shifted towards the conventional rather than crazy. Basically, all you need is to trim your hair and allow some of it for the mullet. Then slick the short strands you have left to one side and bam! you’ve got yourself a nice Kristen Stewart punk style. Wear it with pride.