Rihanna’s Hairdo Secrets for the 2018 Grammy Awards

By now, we are pretty much used to seeing Rihanna jazzed up, no matter what she is doing or where she is going. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lazy Sunday when no one wants to put an effort to look stunning, you simply cannot catch Rihanna with her fashion guard down.

However, the Sunday we have in mind was the Grammy Sunday, and everyone put some serious effort that night. It seemed like time stopped when Rihanna showed up on the stage, as her hairdo was nothing short of spectacular!

Of course, the main culprit behind the hairdo was, as always, her magic-touch hair stylist, Yusef. Since the whole theme of the night was the disco era and the famous Studio 54, the two decided to go with a look inspired by Donna Summer, Bianca Jagger, and Dianna Ross. Needless to say, Rihanna marvelously pulled off a serious “Hot Stuff” look.

Even though the amount of volume in her hairdo looks like it needed a week to attain, Yusuf actually did it in under an hour.

As he explained, he started by damping her hair and spraying it with the Biolage Frizz Control Styling Spray by Matrix. Then, he gave the hairdo some volume by blow drying it and smoothing out the roots.


The next step is the Gold Professional Styler by GHD. To get added finish to the roots, he used some Matrix Smooth Setter.

Next, he used a flat iron and went back and forth with the Curve Classic Wave Wand by GHD, to give that final glorious wave and curly look to her hair.

But, as Yusef strongly highlights, you need to go easy on the products as overdoing it will weigh your hair down and you won’t be able to achieve that fluffy, classic Hollywood Look.