Three ways to glamorize the bun

Go stylish this weekend with elegant and stylish buns. Brush your hair, gather some tresses in a low ponytail, and finely twist your hair to make some elegant buns. Put some pins to hold the buns in the right place. Make an elegant bun with the help of girly rosette clips. Your bun will shine all the night.

  • The Gorgeous wavy Bun - Jessica Stroup Bun Hairstyle:

When elegance is top priority, you can adopt Jessica Stroup’s gorgeous wavy bun. This special bun style requires you to make plenty of waves throughout the head. The hair is then gathered loosely at the nape of the neck. Allow the waves to relax and don’t pull the hair back severely. This bun style gives volume to hair and gives your hairstyle a splash of beauty and femininity. It is an ideal bun for fancier occasions.

  • The twisted Side Bun - Nicole Kidman Elegant Bun Hairstyle:

This twisted side bun is made by gathering the hair to the side. Form a loose bun with lots of twists and let some strands escape. The bun can be secured with bejeweled combs or clips. This elegant but free style is ideal for classy events. Layered, long bangs give an additional touch of femininity.

  • The classic Doughnut bun:

It is the easiest bun style to create in a minimum amount of time. It can be formed at the nape of the neck or back of the head and even on the top of the head. It can be made simple or stunning with bejeweled combs and clips, left messy with strands falling from the bun or have beautifully curled strands secured with jeweled pins. It is the ideal hairstyle for ladies who want to have a simple easy style that can be fancied up for parties.