The Bob, the Pixie, and the Shag

Short haircuts were promoted in the late 50s and also very early 60s to emulate the model "Twiggy". In years after, short hairstyles have always been popular with ladies of all ages and races.

Short cuts are easy to maintain, can vary from the traditional Bob to the Shag, and are generally very complimentary to a female's facial attributes. Whether you are seeking something easy or something significant, there is a short cut ideal for you!

There are several basic, traditional styles that ladies commonly pick when they determine to choose a short haircut. These classic cuts include the Bob, the Pixie cut, and the Shag.

The Classic Bob

This haircut is among the most popular short cuts due to the fact that it is attractive as well as simple to maintain. Ranging anywhere between chin and shoulder length, the Bob is a fantastic style that can be curled or left sleek and straight.

The Pixie Cut

This specific cut is extremely short, and is especially great for ladies with oblong shaped faces. The Pixie cut emphasizes the face by reducing the amount of hair surrounding the face, which makes it a terrific choice for those who desire their eyes or cheekbones to pop.

The Shag

The shag cut is the last of the traditional short hair styles for females. A cut that gives volume for thin hair, and makes thin faces look fuller, the Shag is an edgy cut that is a great choice for women with curly or wavy hair. It resembles the Pixie but with longer wispy hair along the neckline.