Golden Phase – newest beauty trend from Korea

Koreans have a holistic approach towards beauty. They believe outer beauty comes from inner beauty. Their beauty industry focuses on the notion that you must take care of yourself in all aspects of your life to maintain your skin health. A proper diet and daily skin care regimen is passed from one generation to another. The country has produced plenty of beauty industry exports. Golden phase skin is the latest trend to find its way from Korea.


So what is it and how can you get the glow? It is well-known that hormonal variations throughout the month can affect our skin (pre-menstrual breakouts). However, there is also a particular time in each month where your skin looks very fine. Golden phase refers to the time when your skin is in its best stage which lasts about a week. This phase was identified by researchers as being the time when women are ovulating and when the skin is fresher and brighter due to a boost in the natural regeneration phase.


The discovery led to the creation of the Cha-7 es complex, a product which activates the skin own naturally occurring regeneration process to prolong the golden phase continuously. At this optimal stage, the Cha-7 es complex does not fight aging but it preserves youth. The ingredient in the golden phase trend is the Cha-7 es complex which is a proprietary mixture of peptides that address matters of skin-aging.


Peptides help to improve the skin’s natural regeneration process, and this is critical since as we age, the system slows down. Each peptide addresses different areas of aging, such as loss of photo-aging, elasticity, fine lines, and hydration. The Cha-7 es complex works to heighten your skin’s overall vitality synergistically. The product costs approximately $56 a piece. Thanks to this new trend, something positive has been developed in recognition of your time of the month.